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Pass the Coffee Trivia
Trivia Questions from June:

Monday, June 30th-Question: 17% of people say they will do this when they go shopping, even though they know it irritates other people. Do what? Answer: Take up more than one parking space!

Friday, June 27th-Question: Typically, the more education you receive in life, the larger this is. Larger what is? Answer: Your signature!

Thursday, June 26th-Question: Experts say you are rarely more than 6 feet away from one of these...what? Answer: Spiders!

Wednesday, June 25th-Question: A survey of employers found that 64% of them have either banned, or are considering banning these in the workplace. Ban what? Answer: Flip-flops!

Tuesday, June 24th-Question: George Carlin narrated what popular kids show on PBS? Answer: Thomas the Tank Engine!

Monday, June 23rd-Question: The average American will drink 2 1/2 gallons of this in their lifetime. What? Answer: Pool water!

Friday, June 20th-Question: A study by Colorado State University found that this is a solid predictor of road rage behavior among American Motorists. What? Answer: Bumper stickers!

Thursday, June 19th-Question: Adults who did this when they were a kid are more likely to end up with higher salaries. Did What? Answer: Play an instrument.

Wednesday, June 18th-Question: According to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, what is the only sport where athletes can legally bet on themselves? Answer: Horse Racing!

Tuesday, June 17th-Question: A survey says the #1 most common online password is "password", what is the 2nd most common? Answer: 1,2,3,4,5,6!

Monday, June 16th-Question: According to the Food Network, more of this is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week. What? Answer: Ice Cream!

Friday, June 13th-Question: According to AAA, this occurs twice as much now as two years ago. What? Answer: "out of gas" phone calls!

Thursday, June 12th-Question: Experts say you are almost sure to see your property value go up if you buy a house near one of these. What? Answer: A Starbucks or Home Depot...because of the extensive market research they do before opening a location!

Wednesday, June 11th-Question: 40% of us who use public restrooms have this in common. What? Answer: Flush with their foot!

Tuesday, June 10th-Question: The average one in a refrigerator has been there 27 months. What is it? Answer: Salad Dressing!

Monday, June 9th-Question: 94% of men say they have a favorite one of these. What is it? Answer: A Favorite Chair!

Friday, June 6th-Question: A survey of couples who have been married for at least 10 years found this to be the #1 thing they fight about. What? Answer: What to watch on TV!

Thursday, June 5th-Question: A majority of Americans have at least one of these, but 21% of us have 5 OR MORE of them at home! What are they? Answer: Pets! source:USA Today

Wednesday, June 4th-Question: We lose 1.5 billion of these per year. What? Answer: Golf Balls!

Tuesday, June 3rd-Question: 14% of married men do this at least once a year without telling their wives. What? Answer: Lose a bet!

Monday, June 2nd-Question: 53% of us do this each Sunday. What? Answer: Eat Eggs!


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